The Maniacal Smile

Issue 1 : Guts of a Hero

Story By: Mike Foss

Art By: Rob Rhine

Cover By: Rob Rhine & Tony Kordos

Letters By: Ben Filipiak



 24pg. | Color | $3.99 US


After a summer of training, Alex is ready to show the city of Utopia that he’s got what it takes to be its protector as The Maniacal Smile! While preparing for the city hero tryouts, he stumbles across a new player in town with his own plans for Utopia. Will Alex be ready for the audition in time? Will he be able to stop this powerful new foe? Will he, for the love of all that’s decent, spray some air-freshener?! An explosive, toilet ruining first issue presented by Fierce Comics!


Born with super irritable bowel syndrome, Alex McClendon uses his powers to protect the city of Utopia. And when he dons The Maniacal Smile suit, you can be sure that there'll be a splatter of action. Keeping Alex from just farting around with his powers are his ex-hero Uncle Rich and his lab assistant the enigmatic E.V.I.L. Robot. But not everyone knows that Alex is the Maniacal Smile. His best friends Puffy, who owns a comic book shop, and Nikki can never seem to spend any time with the ever-disappearing Alex. Teenage angst, girl problems, and city destroying threats are all a day in the life of THE MANIACAL SMILE!